December 4, 2022
Advent season "A Season of Hope" Pastor Cindy del Hierro [audio mp3="https://westsidechurchintl.org/wp-content/uploads/sermons/2023/01/12-04-2022_Sermon.mp3"][/audio]  


October 6, 2019
Abuse has the power to destroy and distort how we see ourselves and what we believe about ourselves. It twists self-perception and self-understanding. God is our redeemer and there is hope for healing for those who have experienced abuse in their lives.

Prayer Panel

June 16, 2019
Like with many other good things in life, prayer requires hard work and discipline. For many prayer can be something pointless, for others it is delightful. How do we enjoy prayer? Does it work? How can I maintain healthy rhythms when it comes to prayer? In today's message, the pastors encourages us to see prayer as a powerful gift that can transform and help us to grow as followers of Jesus.