Winter/Spring 2024 - Groups

We are very excited and looking forward to our small groups. Whether you are new to our church or have been attending for a while, groups are a great opportunity to connect with others and grow together. This semester our small groups will have two parts. 

Part I  – The Armor of God. Groups will follow the Sunday preaching schedule, starting the first week of February and going for 8 weeks.

Part II – Jesus: King, Prophet, & Priest. As part of our Discipleship Pathway, this 4-session curriculum will start the week of April 8th. 

Group options (click on any of the groups to learn more and sign up):

Larry and Karen (English) – Southwest Denver

Gary and Cindy (English) – Lakewood

Zoom (English) – For those who would normally have to drive long distances to any of the other groups.

Johan (Español) – En el gym de la iglesia 

Contact: Johan Luque
Phone: (720) 810-8000