Kaleo - Young Adults

Kaleo is our young adults group. The point here is to be part of a community that gets each others’ personal faith journey.

Young Adults are part of the life of the church. Because of this, we encourage young adults to plug in with the other groups and ministries at WCI to share their talents and grow with the whole church (worship arts, other groups, hospitality, Core Team, Sunday Service teams, youth, children, and prayer).

Kaleo meets once a month for social activities that include bowling, hiking, movie nights, etc.

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Somos un grupo que busca crecer en la amistad y en la Palabra de Dios.

This is a Spanish group that focuses on building friendship and studying the word together.

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Phone // 720.810.8000

Location // S Xavier St. Denver, CO 80219

Time // Tuesdays @ 6:45 pm


Neal & Mónica desire to form a group that is missional- being a community that is also reaching out.

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Phone // 316.204.7086

Location // Vallejo Street. Denver, CO 80223

Time // Tuesday nights