There is a difference between real gold and fool's gold. We all are treasure hunters, we want to achieve or find something that have a high valuable to us. It came be, education, a perfect family, ideal job, or material possessions. The question is, are we looking for true treasures? The Bible speaks of the type of treasure that is rare and beautiful.
Today's message encourages us to learn from the New Testament church in how they interact with their faith. The Book of Acts show us that the church was excited and dedicated to the gospel, meeting throughout the week with a clear purpose. What can we learn from them?


December 9, 2018
The coming of Jesus brings Peace. Sometimes we have the idea that Peace is a passive thing that all of the sudden will come to us. However, Peace won't just happen, Peace must be pursued. How do we experience Peace in all circumstances?
We continue our series of message on Faith & Culture discussing how Jesus wants us to use our money. Pastor David encourage us to think how we view and use money- God have entrusted us with his riches to that we can Use Money and Love People.
We are in a series on Faith & Culture where we will explore what the Bible has to say about relevant issues such as Immigration, Relationships, Money, & Work. This week, we will focus on immigration, an issue we hear about almost every day in the news--refugees fleeing violence, dreamers and DACA, the border wall, and national security. Please join us as we explore how the Christian faith interacts with this relevant and very important topic. Estamos en una serie sobre Fe y Cultura donde exploraremos lo que la Biblia tiene que decir sobre temas relevantes como Inmigración, Relaciones, Dinero y Trabajo. Esta semana, nos enfocaremos en la inmigración, un tema que escuchamos casi todos día en las noticias: refugiados que huyen de la violencia, soñadores y DACA, el muro fronterizo y la seguridad nacional. Únase a nosotros mientras exploramos cómo la fe cristiana interactúa con este tema relevante y muy importante.