December 2, 2018
One of the worst things in live is having no hope. We all tend to look at circumstances to gain hope but, when things don't work out or when we don't see a change, that hope starts to fade away. This is why we put our hopes in things that we can control. The Advent season invite us to put our hope in Jesus because no thing can be eternally reliable but God.
Many of us find purpose in what we do for work. Some really love what they do while others struggle to experience fulfillment and are unhappy with their jobs. Christians are challenged to be salt and light, but how can this be possible when you are struggling to like your job?
We are in a series on Faith & Culture where we will explore what the Bible has to say about relevant issues such as Immigration, Relationships, Money, & Work. This week's message is about the second part of Faith & Immigration. Estamos en una serie sobre Fe y Cultura donde exploraremos lo que la Biblia tiene que decir sobre temas relevantes como Inmigración, Relaciones, Dinero y Trabajo. El mensaje de esta semana es la segunda parte de Fe & Inmigración.
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